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Vanessa de Largie is the monthly sex columnist for Maxim Magazine. She also writes a regular column for the iconic British/Australian Magazine — The Spectator.

Nothing comes more naturally to me than talking about sex.

As a fierce sexual woman and a survivor of rape and childhood sexual abuse, I think more voices like mine should be heard.

And this is why I created the sex podcast Nothing BUTT Sex which is available on Spotify, iTunes and YouTube.

Don’t be fooled by the title of my podcast. It’s not a podcast focusing on anal sex — it’s just a FUN play on words.

Each episode I discuss a taboo sexual topic in a raw and candid way. No filtering, no political correctness and no BS.

I was twenty-three years old when I first looked at my vagina up-close in a mirror.

I’d just had a Brazilian wax and wanted to see if my cunt (minus the pubes) could compete with the sexy actresses I had seen in porn movies.

Would my pussy ‘rate’ amongst the other women men had fucked?

Or would it be pushed to the sidelines, unable to make the grade in The Universe of Perfect Pussydom?

Dolly Magazine had suggested that I squat on the floor and look at my pussy with a compact mirror to learn about it’s geography. …

Victoria’s Chief Health Officer, Brett Sutton has speedily catapulted to cult status as Australia’s most lusted after silver fox.The married professor has been fetishised by a wet mess of Aussie feminists who have described Sutton as a CHOttie while publicly drooling over him online.

Fans can purchase an array of homewares adorned with Brett Sutton’s face, including a kitchen apron, a bed spread, a pair of coffee mugs or some stretchy Sutton socks. If that sounds too creepy, why not turn it down a notch and become a #gluttonforsutton by liking the Brett Sutton is HOT Facebook Page.

One thing…

I was born twenty years after my oldest brother and eleven years after my youngest. Aged four, I sat on my father’s lap whilst he showed me black and white photographs in a family album. The photographs had my parents and four brothers in them but I was nowhere to be seen.

‘Where am I Dad?’ My confused four-year-old self enquired.

“You weren’t even thought up yet. You were just a twinkle in the sky.” Dad replied.

In Australia, we value mateship. My Dad was my cobber. We shared a love of music, beer, Australian football and the great outdoors…

More elderly people have died of Coronavirus around the world than any other age group but nobody cares because their lives are regarded as expendable.

Instead, the global media prefers to sensationalise the deaths of babies and young people. Because according to society, their loss of life is more tragic.

Recently, Premier Daniel Andrews announced the state of emergency in Victoria would be extended for another month after a recent spike in Coronavirus cases. Sadly this has the self-proclaimed freedom-fighters running around in circles with their arse hairs in a knot.

If you’re willing to risk the lives of the…

The loneliness of depression isn’t something I’d wish on my worst enemy.

One feels like a seagull swooping for scraps — scraps of love, scraps of undivided attention.

One of my darkest moments took place after my brother Damian died of toxicity of alcohol and drugs in the blood.

Was it an accidental overdose? Or a suicide? Our family will never know.

The saddest thing about Damian’s death is he died on the kitchen floor in his bedsitter. …

Is there anything more pathetic than the Nup To The Cup protesters?

I have no problem with people taking a stand against animal cruelty, I’m an animal lover myself.

But I have a huge problem with virtue-signalling do-gooders who sit around in their designer clothes (made in sweat-shops) tweeting from iPhones (which kill gorillas, not to mention the planet) about their anti horse racing stance. How very WOKE and self-indulgent?

Where have these Melbourne Cup protesters been for the 19,000 thoroughbred races that are held throughout the rest of the year in Australia? Have they been hiding under a rock?

Cardinal George Pell is Australia’s most senior official to be convicted of child sexual abuse. Pell has spent his first week in the slammer after having his bail revoked.

Conservatives are calling Pell’s conviction a witch-hunt. While Lefties are celebrating that justice has finally been served.

But the ones who really suffer during high-profile cases such as this — are victims of rape and childhood sexual abuse, (of which I am both).

I know what it’s like to live with this beast.

I know what it’s like to cry so hard that you make yourself vomit.

I know what it’s…

Being an artist is a battle.

Not a clean-cut-win-or-lose-type-battle but a weary and drawn-out fight-for-your-life kinda battle.

The media and entertainment industry specializes in mind-fuck warfare. If enabled, she will chew you up and spit you out.

While the rich are drinking champagne out of each other’s belly-buttons and polishing each others knobs. Artists are scratching around like feral cats in a kitty litter.

Every day I battle: I battle to make a living doing what I love. I battle to sell columns. I battle to get auditions.

I battle a shitload of rejection: from gatekeepers, newspaper editors, magazine editors…

Can online sex be as filthy as real-life sex? Of course it can. It can even be filthier. In fact the Internet has become such a playground for fantasy, role play and self gratification that its often said to be largely about porn over anything else.

Covenant Eyes, a software company that creates security software for parents to protect their children whilst surfing online, claims porn is inescapable. According to their report, there were more than two billion internet searches for porn in 2015. …

Vanessa de Largie

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